If your employment has been terminated in Ontario or you believe you may be facing termination in the near future, it’s time to gather facts, get perspective and speak to an expert.


Many people are left feeling shocked and negative after experiencing a dismissal. Ontario employees often doubt their own actions and rely on their employer to deal with them legally and fairly. This mindset is dangerous and can lead to outcomes that are not in your best interest. 

At dismissal help we want to protect your legal interests. To do that we provide each client with a full assessment of your case at absolutely no charge. We’ll provide you with the facts you need to make an informed decision. 

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Our perspective is simple. Your job was important. Whether you worked full time in the career of your dreams, part time in a job just for your needs or temporarily somewhere along the way. Work was more than just a place you laboured and passed time, it’s where much of your life happened. You built relationships, grew your skills and invested yourself in the success of your employer. We believe that as a dismissed employee in Ontario you deserve the full recognition of your investment and time under the law. 

I contacted Brian at dismissalhelp.ca through chat and asked if he helped clients working in retail. He let me know that his services and the law were for all employees at any level of the company or stage in their career. He made it clear there were no upfront charges or fees. I knew Brian and his team could help me.
— Miguel F, Retail Sales Associate, Mississauga, Ontario

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We only work for employees

Employees in Ontario often feel powerless when they are dismissed. Facing an employer with deep pockets, aggressive legal counsel and unhelpful human resources representatives can make any worker feel hopeless. Restoring the power imbalance is critical to getting a fair resolution. Brian Smith and the dismissalhelp.ca team want to represent you so that we can even that imbalance.



We are experienced negotiators


We are knowledgeable, experienced and effective in dismissal negotiations with employers. Our negotiations get results for dismissed workers. Clients very often get the settlements and closure they need to move on without delays. This is the best possible outcome for any dismissed employee or employer. 



No win-No Charge


There are times when employers will choose not to respect the established legislation and common law compensation standards which our clients deserve at law. This is regrettable but no cause to lose hope. Under these circumstances our firm delivers swift, energetic and forceful legal action. We work until our clients are satisfied and a fair amount of dismissal compensation is secured. dismissalhelp.ca works for dismissed employees everyday to secure their full compensation entitlements at dismissal. We frequently act for dismissed workers at No Upfront Charge or Fee.


What we do for you

Selection of services we provide

Contract severance review

Reviewing and advising on existing severance offer.

Gavel representing legal action in Ontario

Pursuing legal action in an Ontario Court or Tribunal against your employer for damages.

Negotiate with employers severance offer

Negotiating directly with employers on existing severance offer.

Legal settlement contract

Facilitating settlements to legal actions. 

Sign severance

Securing severance or similar offers where none exists.

Wrongful dismissal claims in Ontario

Pursuing Wrongful Dismissal claims.

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Hi, I’m Brian Smith, the founder of Dismissal Help. We are a diverse team of energetic & aggressive legal professionals. By combining technology and design we are transforming the way dismissed Ontario workers get the justice and compensation they deserve. I believe that bringing law and technology together improves the legal results for dismissed workers. Great legal representation should be accessible for everyone. 

I use technology and apply design to make law simpler, more pleasant and affordable. I’m driven to clarity and convenience in every aspect of my life. I’m an aggressive advocate for my clients interests. I enjoy being their personal expert and getting unexpected results. I’m very fanatical about details and good at seeing how they fit into the big picture of your case. 

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